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I'd like to introduce myself, Annie-Lee...and share a little bit of background and what photography and being a photographer means to me.

My passion for photography comes from my father's own love of creating and developing a good photograph.  We were always left wondering as kids, why it took Dad so long to take our family photos.  He'd have the camera set up on the tripod, carefully position us, leaving a space for himself to jump into at the last minute.... position the camera, then pull out his magical light meter.  He would then change camera settings for what seemed like forever, before he eventually clicked the shutter of his camera and using the timer feature, he'd run and pop himself into his pre-determined position prior to the shutter going click-click!   Dad was always in search of achieving the most perfect photo download asme codes he could of his family and those photos today are something our family treasures immensely, which allow us to reflect back on earlier days in our lives, and remember the wonderful times we had together through those years.

Well, nowadays....I totally get it!

With the digital camera age we find ourselves in now, everybody is running around with a camera, and that's great.  However,  whether it be a stunning landscape or portrait photo, still life photography or a lovely ocean scene...it takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge to capture a purely unique photograph, and there are many factors to take into account when composing that image before the shutter is pressed. 

And, just as in the earlier days they worked the image in the darkroom the same applies today, burning and dodging photographs - no different to darkroom processing, except computers and software have enabled it to happen electronically.  The skillset still needs to be there, the camera creativity needs to be there - no differently than in the 50's or 60's.

As a child, I often ran about behind my father with my little pocket camera,

taking snapshots..and that's exactly what mine were.  Dad took beautiful photos, I took snapshots.  They didn't even compare. 

Capturing special moments in time through being creative with a camera, whether it be precious family memories to be savoured for years to come, or whether it be a stunning landscape image to hang on the office wall, that perhaps can never be recreated, or just revelling in the beauty of our countryside or surroundings - it is all a way of recording our history in picture form. 

I love calling Western Australia my home.  Our  ISO standards download diverse range of countryside in Western Australia alone, is phenomenal, and is a world-renowned bio-diversity hotspot.  Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me with the beauty that she creates around us.  Photography is a way of sharing my view of the world, and the beauty I see - in particular landscape photography, ocean scenes, still-life images, and nature and Australiana photographs.

I very much enjoy travelling around, with my Nikon beside me ready to pull over and capture a stunning landscape, or heading out and preparing and setting up, waiting for that perfect moment to capture an image in the perfect light, for what might be a never to be repeated photograph, and a piece of history. 

There is nothing I'd love better than sharing my view of the world with you through my photography.  Please enjoy browsing through my images and photo-art.

♥ Annie-Lee

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