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The power of the Ocean never ceases to amaze me.   One day you feel the serenity and tranquility of calm ocean waters.  The next day you can experience the replicas relojes power of the crashing waves in the same ocean.  Many of my photographs will of been taken at sunrise or sunset, which will give a beautiful soft light.  Though some times I do like to photograph in the full sunshine which can give a completely different feel.  I hope you enjoy some of my Ocean & Water scenes.  New photographs will appear regularly, as I live quite close to the coast and have an array of beaches within 30 minutes from my home, plus I adore our south coast beaches, so I do enjoy to visit those as often as possible.

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Cape Peron, Peron Francois, National Park, Shark Bay, seascape, red dirt, cliffs, white sand, beach, aqua ocean, Indian Ocean, Western Australia, photograph, landscape
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pier, Snag Island, Leeman, jetty, wood, wooden, photograph, sunset, Indian Ocean, Western Australia, WA
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Conspicuous, cliffs, south west, Western Australia, photograph, ocean, Southern, waves, rocks, dunes, sunshine, beach
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Cosy Corner, beach, ocean, waves, winter, clouds, overcast, blue, Western Australia, WA, south coast
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cottage, shed, old, flowers, windows, corrugated iron, rural, country, Western Australia, Clackline New Norcia, Western Australia, heritage, St Gertrudes, College, heritage listed, monastic, town hall, York, WA, Western Australia, cloudy, mono, black & white, heritage, Avon Valley
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